Meditation Coaching

Meditation is a time when we create sacred space for ourselves to feel the underlying yes of life and connect to our highest human potential. It's a space to cultivate natural connection though embracing our senses of pleasure and joy. I will work with you to use meditation as a way to connect with your natural rhythm and embrace your total self in all of its experiences. 

Meditation techniques provide ways of dealing with emotions, thoughts, senses and attentions by fostering states of relaxation and healing. Each of us has meditative practices that our unique to our personal rhythms and flows. Through exploring our own doorways into meditative states, we can begin a deep internal journey. At the end of this month you will have your own meditative practice and techniques that brings you into energetic alignment with your highest potential self.

Through discussion, we will identify the key aspects you desire to focus on in your life, and from there, together, we create a personalized daily practice. To develop this practice we will utilize instances of joy, pleasure, rhythm and timelessness in your life as doorways into your internal being.  Doing a 10-15 minute practice daily will bring more attention to your internal heart’s intuition, helping you begin to dream your world into being. A daily practice can rewire your body and mind, serving as a strong foundation for you to source from internal wisdom and creativity.

One Month Package

  • Free Discovery Session to learn more about the program and package

  • Two sessions a week: One 1 hour, One 1/2 hour

  • Unlimited texting and email support

  • Unique meditations recored just for you

  • Experiential Journeying

  • Daily text check-ins and encouragements

  • An Intuitve Oracle Reading

  • (Available in person, via Video or both)

Please contact me for inquires.