Rituals & Ceremonies

Ceremonies and rituals engage our souls, bringing us into deeper contact with our divine spirits. Ceremonies and rituals have been utilized for centuries, by many different peoples and cultures, to pay tribute to important life events, reminding us of our connection and alignment with source and nature.

Creating sacred spaces for us to come into ‘right relationship’ with the universe can bring healing and alignment with our hearts’ desires. These sacred spaces invite us to consciously step out of our daily patterns, to take time to anchor our hearts gratitude, to learn from our internal wisdom and to dream our worlds into being.

Ceremonies and rituals can be performed with many intentions in mind such as; healing, celebration, rites of passage in times of transition, sacred union, connection with nature or cosmic forces, and for clearing or releasing that which no longer serves us.

In practice I often utalize:

  • Shamanic Fire Ceremony

  • Despacho (Gratitude) Ceremony

  • Cord Cutting Rituals

  • Ancestral Connection Ritual

  • Sacred Union

I will work with you to create a sacred space and ceremony that suits your personal healing process.


I host monthly Full Moon Ceremonies at Archipelago Clubs in Denver, Colorado

Upcoming Full Moon Ceremonies