Collective Lotus Offerings 

Through integrating Western and Eastern psychologies, I hope to work side by side with you to help you find out how to best connect with your inherent potential. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed with life, suffocated by anxiety, making decisions based on fear or just looking to dive deeper into self discovery, I am here to work with you to feel whole and connect with your internal intuition. Utilizing Shamanic energy healing, meditation, psychotherapy, rituals and ceremonies, we will work together to co-create a unique transformational experience that provides you with daily practices and tools that you can harness to bring balance and connectivity in all aspects of your life. 

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Personalized Retreat

Join me for a personalized intensive retreat where we we focus on your healing, empowerment and transformation. Each retreat is co-created together as we develop what is best for your internal transformation. Through Shamanic healings, rituals, ceremonies and dialogue we work through old patterns and begin to write a new story for your life.


Qoya is a movement practice that is based on the idea that through movement we remember our essence is: 

            Wise, Wild & Free                 



Shamanic Healing

Shamanic energy healing looks at the integrative relationships between health, thoughts, emotions and the way that energy is moving within the energetic body. A Shaman’s role is to help patients transcend dis-ease within their lives.


workshops & Retreats

  • An Experiential Journey Within: Embodying Our Truth

  • Introductory to Shamanism: Connecting with the Medicine Wheel

  • Wisdom of the Elements: Embodying Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Space

  • Mindfulness Experiential Workshop: Mindfulness in the Workplace

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Meditation Coaching

My hope is to help you find your own practice that brings you into energetic alignment with your highest potential self.

Through discussion, we identify the key aspects you desire to focus on in your life, and from there, together, we create a personalized daily practice.

Moon Ceremonies

& rituals

Ceremonies and rituals engage our souls, bringing us into deeper contact with our divine spirits. Creating sacred spaces for us to come into ‘right relationship’ with the universe can bring healing and alignment with our hearts’ desires. These sacred spaces invite us to consciously step out of our daily patterns, to take time to anchor our hearts gratitude, to learn from our internal wisdom and to dream our worlds into being.

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"Working with Collective Lotus over the past few years has allowed me to open my mind body and soul in ways I did not know were accessible previously. I now have the tools to look into myself and my relationships with greater appreciation for whatever the situation may be. "

-Lindsay Friedman, Filmmaker -


"I felt more spiritual growth from this retreat than I have felt in years. Emma's many years of training and practice show in her facilitation of many different mediation techniques and deep understanding of shamanic ceremonies. Her ability to create a space where everyone feels connected and free to get in touch with their deeper selves is incredible. It was such a honor to be apart of this weekend with such an amazing group of women." 


"I am so incredibly grateful that I met you. 
You awaken my soul in such a way that I will never be able to explain with words, even though writing it's my mission. 
Thank you for making me realize that my sensitivity doesn't have to be a burden, in fact, it is totally the opposite."



No clients shall be turned away solely based on their financial means

If you are feeling called to this work, please contact me

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